About Taranaki Hardcore

Created in 1996 - proudly local, worn globally.

100% Taranaki Owned & Operated

Fast shipping, direct from New Zealand

High quality clothing made for life

Designed in New Plymouth since 1996

Behind the brand

The Taranaki Hardcore label was created in 1996 by Surf Shop owners Trish and Nigel Dwyer. At that time there was an increasing demand for a Taranaki T-shirt that was set apart from surf wear and other labels, something that Taranaki people of all ages and from all walks of life could identify with. With the help of their screen printer a design was created featuring icons of the Taranaki Region, the mountain, the sea, our farmland, oil industry & the wings of freedom representing our great lifestyle. 

Over the years the brand has grown and so has its diversity.Taranaki Hardcore now sell a large range of clothing, hats and accessories which can be purchased in store or via the website.The Taranaki Hardcore label has gone all over the world, especially to our 'expats' in Australia. Taranaki Hardcore stickers and clothing have been spotted in Ireland, Canada, London, Afghanistan and as far away as the Antarctic showing Taranaki people are Taranaki Proud where ever they are.

The meaning behind taranaki hardcore

Barb wire shows the Taranaki farm land.
Stars represent the Southern Cross.
Wings of freedom – it’s our lifestyle.
Cog represents the oil & engineering industry.
Mountain to surf is ours to treasure.