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From its iconic beginnings, we've curated vintage surfwear inspired by neon vibes and a boat with a sweet tooth


Freezing Hot, kickstarted in the mid-eighties right here in Taranaki, New Zealand, is all about capturing that rad surf scene. It began as a side gig to the famous Del Custom Surfboards, riding the wave of bleached jeans, big hair, shoulder pads, and neon colours.

Local hands in New Plymouth kept the Freezing Hot buzz going, churning out those hot-selling surfboards. And from there, they dived into clothing, inspired by all the retro vibes. The name? Well, it's a fun story – a tiny sailboat playfully named after Japanese ice cream gave birth to "Freezing Hot." With a mix of vibrant, fluro logos, one standout was the 'Kids Freezing Hot Bear.'

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Mens Freezing Hot T-ShirtMens Freezing Hot T-Shirt
Mens Freezing Hot T-Shirt Sale price$59.95
Freezing Hot Sticker
Freezing Hot Sticker Sale price$10.00
Mens Freezing Hot Long Sleeve T-ShirtMens Freezing Hot Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Kids Freezing Hot T-ShirtKids Freezing Hot T-Shirt
Kids Freezing Hot T-Shirt Sale priceFrom $39.95
Womens Freezing Hot T-ShirtWomens Freezing Hot T-Shirt
Mens Freezing Hot Tank SingletMens Freezing Hot Tank Singlet
Womens Freezing Hot Heavy Weight T-ShirtWomens Freezing Hot Heavy Weight T-Shirt